Friday, August 10, 2012

5500+ Softball Players, Concierge and me with a spoon.

This week marks the beginning of the NAGAA softball (GLBT) Twin Cities Gay Softball Tournament here in Minneapolis.
5500+ Men, and a few women, and their supporters all here in Minneapolis.
Yes, thats about 5000 men. Fresh from the Midwest, South, North, West, East, Canada and beyond.
You Might want to check it out.
The Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and events will be packed to the gills this weekend and next with gym rats, hot mens, women, and softball players of all kinds.
Just because they play a sport, doesnt mean these are guys that sit in the gym all week and look like ABERGUMBY models.
Trust me, more then less eat pasta, smoke, play and they like to relax and come unhinged.
When I was at my last National Softball Tournament this was THE EVENT that made more memories for my friends and I than anything else.
FUN! for more.
Please volunteer.
If you do, you get a tshirt, you look cool, you get to look pretty, get into some events and you GET SEEN.
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