Friday, February 20, 2009

Booking Travel!

I have had many questions regarding my next subject over the past several days.

I wanted to quickly add a few notes, comments, suggestions regarding the booking of a trip on any site.

So far the best site I have seen, which by the way is ours, that allows the purchaser to look up any destination and also book cruises, Villas, Condos, Time Shares, excursions, auto, hotel while also looking for reservations and entertainment in addition to booking a hotel near a landmark!

You can find the site at

First, Please keep in mind that the price you see on flights, hotels, or auto and others when it populates into your window, DOES NOT show the FULL PRICE which includes FUEL SURCHARGES, 911 Terrorism Fees, US govt Fees, Taxes, Port Fees, and much more in some cases.

So the pricing you see is the base price.

For example, recently someone tried to book a flight to Fort Lauderdale and the price shown was $220.

When they went to purchase the flight, it showed as being $269.00

This means there were taxes, fuel charges, 9/11 fees, and airline booking fees added to the price.

This is not a fee that we add. IT IS SIMPLY PUT their TRUE BASE price.

Much like when you go to the store, the price on the item might be $10, but when you checkout, its $10.70.

Just an FYI- The Government gets their share too ya know!

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